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3. Multifunctional filter for panoramic aviation display

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Figure: 1 Sketch multifunctional light filter for panoramic display.

   Multifunctional light filter is designed for a panoramic display of 21" diagonal.

The light filter serves the following functions:

  1. EMI shielding  because of a transparent conductive coating

  2. Enhancing contrast ratio due to dosed absorbance coating

  3. Reducing influence of ambient sunlight because of the anti-reflective coating on the front surface of the filter

  4. Eliminating ghosting because low back reflection of the filter

   In fig. 1 there is a sketch of the multifunctional light filter; Fig. 2 and 3 show the transmission and specular reflection spectra.


General characteristics of the filter are shown in Table 1 .

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R 12-1.jpg

Figure: 2 Transmission of multifunctional filter with dosed absorption for panoramic display.

Figure: 3 Specular reflection of multifunctional filter panoramic display.

ход луч-1.jpg

Reflected light


Incident light

one hundred%


coating with

dosed absorption



Optical adhesive



Figure: 4 Beam path in the "display - frontal filter" system. The magnitude of the reflected beam 1 is determined by the properties of the LCD module. The size of beams 2 and 3 is determined by the characteristics of the frontal filter.

картинка панорамного дисплея.jpg

Figure: 5 Panoramic display 


Table 1. General characteristics of multifunctional filter. 

Photooptic Ltd. manufactures multifunctional protective filters for LCD modules of non-standard sizes according to the drawings agreed with the customer.