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2. Transparent anti-reflective heaters (TAH).

   Transparent antireflective heaters with conductive coating are used for frontal LCD heating. Heating intensity, high transparency and low specular reflection are significant parameters for TAH.

  Compliance with the mentioned above characteristics achieves after adding a multilayer dielectric coating  above the conductive layer

   Our modern technologies allow getting frontal LCD heating for displays with a diagonal up to 15" due to customers requirements.

   Typical transmission and specular reflection spectra for transparent anti-reflective heater are shown in Fig. 1 and 2. Example given for Mitsubishi Electric AA050AA11 LCD module with 5" diagonal.

     General characteristics are delivered in a table 1.

подогрев 4.jpg

TAH for the LCD module Mitsubishi Electric AA050AA11.

подогрев 2.png

Fig. 1 Typical transmission of TAH. Matrix Mitsubishi Electric AA050AA11.

подогрев 3.png

Fig. 2 Typical specular reflection of TAH. Matrix Mitsubishi Electric AA050AA11.

Table 1. General characteristics of TAH filters. LCD matrix Mitsubishi Electric AA050AA11.

Photooptic Ltd. manufactures transparent antireflective heaters of non-standard sizes according to customer's requirements.