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1. Anti-reflective EMI shielding filters (AEMI)

 To protect the electronic of displays from the electromagnetic interference, glass light filters with a transparent conductive ITO layer are used.

   The resistivity of the ITO layer is from 5 to 20 Ohm/sq. To provide low specular reflection, high transparency and shielding functions of the light filter, multilayer dielectric coating is added over the ITO layer.

   Our modern technologies provide EMI shielding for displays with a diagonal up to 15" according to customers requirements.

    Typical transmission and specular reflection spectra of the AEMI for LCD with a diagonal of 10" are shown in Fig. 1 and 2.

General characteristics are shown in table 1.

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AEMI for LCD module G 104X1-D104 Chi Mei.

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Transmission spectrum

Fig. 1 Typical transmission of AEMI. LCD matrix G 104X1-D104 Chi Mei

Эми 3_.png

Reflection spectrum

Fig. 2 Typical specular reflection of AEMI. LCD matrix G 104X1-D104 Chi Mei.

Table 1. Characteristics of AEMI filters. LCD matrix G 104X1-D104 Chi Mei.

Photooptic Ltd. produces antireflective EMI shielding light filters of non-standard sizes according to customer's requirements