6. Neutral filters (ND)

Neutral light filters’ aim is to implement fixed optical attenuation into optical systems.


Neutral light filters are used to improve the receivers operating conditions at high luminous fluxes, adjust, control equipment, measure the linearity of various photovoltaic devices.

A feature of ND filters is a constant transmission level in the whole investigated spectral range.


The firm produces neutral light filters with a transmission level from T = 0.01% to T = 70%.


Figures 1 and 2 show typical transmission spectra of neutral filters for the visible and UV regions.


Fig. 1 Transmission spectra of a set of ND-Vis neutral light filters. The measurements were performed on a Shimadzu UV-3600 spectrophotometer.


Fig. 2 Transmission spectra of a set of ND-UV neutral light filters. Measurements were performed on a Varian Cary 300 spectrophotometer.

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