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5. Polarizing filters

A polarizing light filter converts unpolarized or partially polarized light into flatly polarized light.

Our company produces plane-parallel polarizes for various wavelengths within range from 250 to 1500 nm, working at angles of incidence 40° - 60°.

These polarizers reflect more than 99% of s-polarized light and pass p-polarized.


Polarizers are produced basing on the method of vacuum deposition of oxides of rare-earth refractory metals on glass substrates which are made by Schott and Glaverbell companies.

Our polarizers successfully work in devices equipped with semiconductor and solid-state lasers developed by the well - known Russian laser center "Polyus" are equipped with our polarizers.


Fig. 1 Example of a polarizer for 900 nm. AOI=45°.

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