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9. Architectural lighting for the Moscow Dream Island amusement park

Architectural lighting is gaining more and more popularity. Colored lighting is used for external illumination of buildings, architectural monuments, interior lighting.

The amusement park «Dream Island» opened on February 29, 2020 in Moscow in the Nagatinskaya Poima is a good example.

In the amusement park, various themed areas have their own colored lights.

The customer was tasked with making dichroic filters of five saturated colors: light blue, blue, green, red, magenta, as well as a yellow filter to provide "warm" illumination.


Figure: 1. External view of the ECO CLASSHIGHBAY200W / 84037D DALI LEDVANCE floodlight.

The customer provided a white LED floodlight from Ledvance. The appearance of the spotlight is shown in Fig. 1.

The frame for mounting the light filter in the LEDVANCE floodlight is shown in Fig. 2.


Figure: 2. Frame for mounting a light filter in the spotlight.

In January 2020, 6 types of interference filters were manufactured: Y53 (yellow), G50.55 (green), M62.47 (magenta), R61 (red), B50 (blue), B54 (light blue).

The transmission spectra of the fabricated light filters are shown in the graphs in Fig. 3.


Transmission spectrum

Green light filter G50.55


Transmission spectrum

Red filter R61


Transmission spectrum

Magenta filter M47.62


Transmission spectrum

Light blue filter B54


Transmission spectrum

Blue light filter B50


Transmission spectrum

Yellow filter Y53

Figure: 3 Transmission spectra of color filters for architectural lighting.

The products were put into operation and successfully withstand thermal loads as part of the floodlights.