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2. Conversion filters. Correction of color rendering.

  Conversion light filters are designed to correct the color temperature of light sources such as external lighting, museum lighting, etc.

  The "blue" series conversion filters increase the color temperature of incandescent lamps. The most popular is the Day Light Filter 80A. It converts the spectrum of a halogen lamp into a midday ambient light spectrum.

  "Orange" series conversion filters lower the color temperature of light sources.

CRI 1.jpg
85B 1.jpg
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80С 2.jpg

Figure: 1 Halogen lamp with 85B series orange filter.

CCT = 2150°K

Figure: 2 Halogen lamp without conversion filters.

CCT = 2980°K

Figure: 3 Halogen lamp with, 80C series blue filter.

CCT = 5570°K

Composition of the set of conversion filters "KODAK" classification

   Photooptic's conversion filters have proven themselves in photo and cinema equipment, show technology, architectural and interior lighting.

конверсионные 3.jpg

Wavelength, nm

Transmission T,%

Figure: 4 Spectral transmission of conversion filters 80A and 85B produced by "Photooptic" ltd.

Wavelength λ, nm

CRI 3.jpg