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10. Super-resistant heat-shielding light filters Т765-POK24
with an operating temperature of 450°С

Super-resistant heat-shielding filters T765-POK24 transmit well radiation in the visible range (transmission on average more than 80% in the range 450 - 700 nm) and blocks the near-IR range (transmission on average less than 10% in the range 800 - 1500). These filters are designed to provide thermal shock protection to the lens and condenser lenses.

Heat-protective filters T765-POK24 are made of heat-resistant glass (Borofloat®) and have the following important advantages:

  • They have a working temperature of 450°C. The imported analogue Calflex ™ 3000 SP from Balzers has an operating temperature of 400°C.

  • They have thermal stability - the shift of the λ₀․₅ point under the influence of temperature is less than 1 nm.

  • They have increased scratch resistance, water and dust resistance.


   The light filters have passed service life tests as part of 2 KW halogen emitters.

Table 1. Efficiency of reducing the heat load by the T765-POK24 light filter in the range of 0.750-10 microns for various radiation sources


Fig. 1. Spectral transmission of the T765-POK24 thermal filter (black curve) and the imported analogue Balzers Calflex ™ 3000 SP (blue curve).