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8.1. Spherical reflexometer of specular
and diffuse reflection IS-350-VNIISTROM

The IS-350-VNIISTROM spherical reflexometer is an integrating sphere with an inner diameter of 350 mm and four holes. Evety hole has its own function:

1) for measured samples,

2) for the light source,

3) for the radiation receiver,

4) to output a specularly reflected beam.

The main aim of the reflexometer is to measure the diffuse reflection coefficient of the investigated surface, as well as the specular reflection coefficient for an angle of incidence of light of 10°.


Light meter

Receiving head


O2 hole for

light meter installation

Sphere with inner

diameter 360 mm

Hole O1 for

installation of the test sample


O3 hole for

lighting installation


Hole O4 for

specularly reflected beam output

O4 hole plug

Figure: 1. External view of the spherical reflexometer for specular and diffuse reflection IS-350-VNIISTROM