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3. Anti-reflection conductive coatings

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   Photooptic Ltd. serially produces anti-reflective conductive coatings with different values of specific resistance. These filters have high transparency and low specular reflection.

   To ensure these parameters, a multilayer dielectric coating is deposited on top of the ITO layer, which dampens the reflected wave.

   These coatings are widely used for front heating of displays and EMI shielding.

  Typical specular reflection spectra of anti-reflection conductive filters are shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2.

  Table 1 summarizes the characteristics of anti-reflective conductive filters.

Figure: 1 Specular reflection ITO 10 Ohm / sq air-matched

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Figure: 2 Specular reflection ITO 45 / sq Ohm glass-matched

Table 1 General characteristics of anti-reflective conductive coatings.

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An example of an anti-reflective conductive coating is a protective light filter with a heating function TAH-N