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1. Transparent anti-reflection coatings

   We produce anti-reflective transparent coatings for the visible spectrum AR-VIS 420-700, for the near infrared AR-NIR-620-1200 and with a wide low reflectance band in the range from 400 to 1000 nm AR-VIS-NIR-400-1000 as well.

  In fig. 1 shown the reflection spectrum of the AR-VIS-420-700 anti-reflection coating, in fig. 2 - AR-NIR-620-1200 anti-reflection coating for the near IR region.


Fig. 1 Measured specular reflection of AR-VIS-420-700 coating AOI 7°.


Fig. 2 Measured specular reflection of AR-NIR-620-1200 coating AOI 7°. 

   Ultra-wideband AR-VIS-NIR-400-1000 AR coating is used for aerospace photography in day and night conditions. The coating provides less than 0.6% reflection in the 400-1000 nm range. The reflection spectrum of the AR-VIS-NIR-400-1000 coating is shown in Fig. 3.


Fig. 3. Measured specular reflection of AR-VIS-NIR-400-1000 coating AOI 7°.